Collapsing Constellations: Remapping Art, Science and the Planetary Call for papers, presentations, submissions and applications

Symposium April 15, 2015
Keynote Speaker: Natasha Myers, Department of Anthropology, York University.

In our current ecological moment of crisis a collision between art and science is not only necessary, but inevitable. Many social and environmental activists are proposing an ecological politics that encompasses the physical in terms of a singular planetary conception. The inaugural Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology Graduate Symposium, Collapsing Constellations: Remapping Art, Science and the Planetary seeks to explore imagined and practical spaces that exist between contemporary ecologies of knowledge - envisioning new routes for intellectual migration and pollination.

Sensorium is currently inviting proposals for presentations which revolve around these constellations and engage critically with the multiplying intersections of art and science within contemporary and historical practices. We are particularly interested in the intersection of art, science and the planetary as they are concerned with climate change and our ecological moment. This one-day symposium will offer a unique symbiotic opportunity for emerging researchers and artists to gather, exchange, bond, and cross-fertilize future landscapes for research materializing at disciplinary boundaries. If you are an artist invested in science and technology, a scientist absorbed by art, or a researcher engaged with collaborative or interdisciplinary investigation please consider submitting a proposal for this exciting and collaborative event.

Potential topics/areas include, but are not limited to:
● The planetary in and through emerging media
● Digital cartographies and conceptions of climate change
Funktionskreis, umwelt and theories of “the functional circle”
● Bio-semiotics, bio-philosophy, and bio-art
● Critical thing theory and “vibrant matter”
● 21st century approaches to digital research and the environment
● Human, animal, and planetary energy systems,
● Global information networks and "the cloud"
● Intercorporeity
● Bodily cartographies
● Deep data and deep earth
● Cyborgs and the posthuman
● Queer futurities

Presentational formats:
Posters, workshops, round tables, interventions/performances, presentations - traditional and experimental - and other emerging forms will be considered. We encourage cross-disciplinary interpretations, variations and unforeseen mutations of our working themes.

We invite papers and presentations that critique, consider, and construct the intersection of art, science, the planetary and iterations therein. Please send a 300 word abstract, along with a working title, short biography, and contact information. If you would like to submit a joint proposal with several researchers/artists please send only one application that includes collective biographical and contact information. Specify the format of your presentation, keeping in mind it should be no longer than 20 minutes in length (with 90 minutes for panels and/or round tables). The final date for submissions is 30 January, 2015.



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